World-leading manufacturer of sealing products, Dry-Treat explains why it is important to use sealers on building surfaces.

Invisible capillary pores in building materials such as natural stone, tile, masonry, concrete and grout facilitate absorption of water, water-borne salts and oils. On absorption of these damaging liquids by the porous surfaces, deterioration sets in, reducing the performance and aesthetic of the materials.

Signs of deterioration include weathering, loss of strength, efflorescence, salt attack, freeze-thaw spalling, sulphate attack, alkali aggregate reaction, unsightly staining, biological attack, reinforcement rusting, chemical attack, swelling, thermal conductivity, embrittlement and picture framing.

Using Dry-Treat sealers, these problems can be eliminated or significantly reduced, while also helping to enhance the performance and extend the lifespan of these building materials.