Dry-Treat INTENSIFIA, a colour enhancer and sealer for porous surfaces, helped revitalise a Chinese bluestone paved driveway in Bleiswijk, Netherlands.

Chinese bluestone is actually a dolomite-rich limestone with the natural stone’s colour typically ranging from dark grey to blue. The pavers on this particular driveway at the Bleiswijk residence were a dull, pale grey. Apart from the fading colour problem of the stone, the driveway also required protection from staining, especially by oil from parked cars as well as water ingress that could cause deep staining, mould growth and efflorescence.

The driveway needed a treatment that would enhance the colour of the surface while providing excellent stain repellence. The dull, fading pavers required intense colour enrichment, and excellent water and oil repellence. Additionally, the treated surface had to retain wet-slip resistance, and also retard mould and moss growth.

Dry-Treat’s INTENSIFIA, a surface treatment combining both enhancer and sealer, delivers a deep colour intensification and superior stain protection to the treated surfaces.

Following the application, the enhancer deeply enriched the natural colour of the driveway, restoring it to its former appearance. There is no risk of deep oil stains on the paving thanks to the treatment’s excellent water and oil repellence. By stopping water from permeating into the stone, mould and other biofilms are starved of water, thus inhibiting their growth.

Unlike coatings, INTENSIFIA does not crack, yellow or peel, and offers resistance to traffic and UV radiation. Suitable for all types of porous surfaces including natural stone, pavers, masonry and terracotta, INTENSIFIA comes with a 5-year performance warranty when applied by a Dry-Treat Accredited Applicator.