Donaldson Australasia  offer a complete system of filtration and separation products for compressed air systems. This technology, in the field of compressed air, gas and fluid separation extends from the compressor room to all points of use in the factory.

Components are designed and matched for optimal performance, while follow-up engineering service leads new products from concept to reality.

Technologies included the following:

Air oil separators
This includes the development and customisation of air/oil filtration systems for improved compressor performance.

A full range of traditional wrapped and pleated media separators deliver high filtration efficiency and longer life, plus boast greater energy efficiency too.

Media technology for air/oil separation
Donaldson Formix, the new air/oil separator technology, is an ideal depth media that delivers improved performance in less space. Lower restriction results in lower energy usage.

Air cleaners / housings
Donaldson Australasia recommend the use of their housings with RadialSeal sealing technology for compressors.

Donaldson Australasia’s FPG style housings are ideal, because they are reliable, durable, plastic and easy to service. Many air cleaners are stock product, but custom design support is also available.

Air filtration technologies
Donaldson Australasia have two air filtration media technologies that offer performance and overall size benefits. If high efficiency is required, Donaldson Ultra-Web nanofiber technology may be a solution or if the preference is for a smaller size with the existing filtration performance, Donaldson PowerCore filtration technology may be more applicable.

Replacement air filters
Clean, unrestricted airflow is critical for optimal compressor operation. Higher airflow reduces energy use. Donaldson Australasia deliver increased contaminant protection, reducing engine damage.

Replacement compressor products are available through compressor dealers or Donaldson Australasia distributors. Donaldson Australasia also have a full line of air filters in all shapes, sizes and styles.

Lube filters
Donaldson can design and manufacture lube housings and filters for compressor systems. With more than 26 types of cellulose and synthetic media that deliver an array of filtration performance.

Exhaust and emissions
For users with stringent standards for emissions and noise levels, Donaldson Australasia have the analytical tools and engineering expertise to help meet performance requirements.

Air Systems
PowerCore and UltraWeb air filtration technologies available through Donaldson Australasia are two additional filtration performance options that allow the company to provide a smaller air system or a more efficient one.

System design
Donaldson Australasia develops and designs filtration systems that help achieve enhanced compressor performance. It has the ability to offer total system design including separator systems, separators, air intake, lube filtration and exhaust.

New compressor testing facility enables engineers to easy access to a numerous design and analytical tools.