Because many longstanding engineers have spent a career using DCE technology for dust collection, Donaldson Australasia maintain the Torit-Built line of filter cartridges, bags, envelopes and panel filters designed for high level performance.

A Torit DCE dust collection system is only as good as its filters and Donaldson Australasia produce the following for various applications:

Torit-Built filter cartridges and collectors are engineered to work together as an integrated system. Torit DCE offers Ultra-WebII fine fibre filtration media in its cartridges for high initial efficiency, good dust cake release during pulse-cleaning and high efficiency throughout filter life; even on submicron particles. Ultra-Web II filter cartridges allow a collector to provide high levels of environmental protection.

Filter bags and envelopes
Donaldson Australasia have filter bags and frames for all their Torit bag-style dust collectors in a wide variety of fabrics to fit requirements.

There are also envelope style bags for Dalamatic and Unimaster collectors, EZ Filter Pack or cabinet collectors, and mist collector bags for all bag style mist collectors.

HEPA Filters
The Torit DCE HEPA Filters are used as after-filters for heavy dust, fume, and mist collection, as primary filters in less severe applications, or as final filters in industrial applications where indoor air quality is a concern. HEPA filters provide the high filtration of 99.97% at 0.3 microns.