Donaldson Australasia  offer P559000 and P553000 oil filter technologies for Cummins engine applications which in test scenarios have proven themselves to be high performers.

The Donaldson P559000 lube filter for Cummins engines has been engineered to hold more contaminants than the original equipment oil filter, thereby extending the filter life and allowing the engine to run longer without a filter change.

Tests conducted in accordance with ISO 4548/12 show that the contaminant holding capacity of the Donaldson P559000 lube filter exceeds the capacity of the Fleetguard Venturi LF9000 by more than 60%, and the capacity of the Fleetguard Venturi LF9031 by more than 50%.

Advanced filter media developed by Donaldson Australasia deliver higher efficiency engine protection than an original filter. The Synteq filter media results in cleaner oil because this media stops more contaminants from passing through.

At flow rates of 150 lpm and 105 lpm respectively, tests (ISO 4548/12) have shown that the Donaldson P559000 filter is over 30% more efficient than the Fleetguard Venturi LF9000 and 20% more efficient that the Fleetguard LF9031.

These features have been engineered into the P559000 lube filter which includes:

  • A unique wide-mouth cartridge outflow that allows unobstructed oil flow from the filter media, consistently delivering the maximum flow available
  • Multi-density Synteq filter media to hold more contaminants, meeting and even exceeding performance specifications for Cummins diesel engines
  • A superior filter cartridge design that permits 40% more full-flow surface area and therefore, the engine oil continually receives high-efficiency filtration
In terms of maintenance investments, using the Donaldson P559000 can allow for extended lubrication service intervals, which helps control maintenance costs. The high-efficiency performance of the Donaldson P559000 can also reduce downtime and keep equipment on the job longer.

The Donaldson Australasia’s P553000 has been shown to outperform Fleetguard’s LF9039 Venturi Combo filter in three key measures of filter performance – capacity, efficiency and restriction.

With capacity a primary determinant of filter life – the more contaminant a filter holds, the longer that filter will perform. The higher the capacity, the more miles a truck can run without a filter change. Laboratory tests, in accordance with SAEJ1858 specifications, show that the Donaldson Australasia’s P553000 contaminant capacity exceeds that of Fleetguard’s LF9039 by more than 50%.

The Donaldson Australasia’s P553000 also contains the high efficiency, high capacity Synteq media technology. Tests (SAEJ1858) conclude that the overall efficiency is more than 25% greater than that of the Fleetguard’s Venturi Combo filter. Essentially, the higher efficiency results in cleaner oil because less contaminants pass through the filter media.

Testing, in accordance with SAE specifications, shows that the Donaldson Australasia’s P553000 has 23% to 44% less flow restriction than that of the Fleetguard’s LF9039 Venturi Combo filter. This lower restriction minimises pressure drop and reduces time in bypass during cold starts.