Mindful that four-wheel-drives (4WDs) are used extensively as transport vehicles in dusty environments such as mines, quarries, construction sites and in agriculture, Donaldson Australasia have introduced a retrofit kit to improve air intake quality on the well-known Ford 4WDs.

This retrofit kit is for Ford 7.3L power stroke diesel engines to replace the factory induction equipment and is based on the company's successful PowerCore technology.

Manufactured as a swap-in, swap-out technology, it currently designed for all Ford for drives in the F250-550 series or excursions stroke with 7.3L Power Stroke in model years 1999* - 2003 (*built after January 1, 1998).

Donaldson Australasia are already working on retrofit kits for other brands of 4WDs and expects to introduce these in due course.

Installation is simple, taking some are between 30 to 45 minutes. PowerCore can work in the most severe conditions – it is ideal for dirty and dusty operating conditions found it open cut mines and quarries.

Donaldson Australasia rate the technology as three times or more efficient than average conventional pleated or reusable wire mesh filters contained by the factory built air induction system. A straight-through airflow delivers powerful performance.

What is gained is improved engine protection; no media movement, expansion, contraction or bunching. Contaminant encapsulation is of the highest order, while dust and dirt stay contained in filter during service.

PowerCore is a patented, proprietary air filtration technology developed to improve engine protection. It has an advanced fluted media design with cellulose media for improved air filtration, high density media packaging technology.

PowerCore is noticeably different in shape, colour and style and has a compact, metal-free, cartridge-style design that traps contaminants inside its structure for cleaner and easier servicing.

The product uses Donaldson Australasia’s RadialSeal technology – an advanced and reliable seal. To date, 27 patents around the world cover Donaldson PowerCore filtration technology.

PowerCore technology’s major advantages include higher efficiency than average conventional air filters, improved engine protection and contaminant encapsulation, and flexibility in filter shape and intake systems design and application. This advanced technology reduces the amount of filter space and thus the size of the air cleaner.

Larger conventional filters require clearance space for proper air flow. They also have a hollow centre to allow the filtered air to exit the engine.

Donaldson PowerCore eliminates the need for these wasted spaces by combining high-density filter media packaging with a straight-through flow design. The combination results in significant size reduction options which other filtration technologies cannot offer.

Because of its shape options and smaller size, the Donaldson PowerCore air cleaner assemblies have more mounting options than conventional air intake systems.

PowerCore will provide higher efficiency for improved engine protection, maximum filtration based on innovative technology, less restriction and greater power with smaller, lightweight filters that are easy to service.