Clearmake Waste Water Treatment and Recycling Solutions  designs, supplies as well as installs a range of water treatment systems and wastewater treatment systems for diverse environments.  

The Yarraby Caravan Park in Echuca, Victoria required a reliable system to clean water sourced from the Murray River to a level suitable for drinking and showering by park visitors. Primary contaminants in the river water included extremely fine clay particles and colour.  

A Clearmake Electropure water treatment system was installed at the caravan park with the capability of treating volumes up to 225,000 litres/day, costing on an average less than 40c per 1,000 litres for operation.  

Installing Electropure water treatment units was much cheaper for the caravan park than connecting to the town water supply. Additionally, installing multiple units meant that operation could be tailored to requirements, reducing operating costs while meeting peak demand without difficulty. Capacity can also be easily increased as the park expands.  

The benefits of this Electopure water treatment system include:

  • Cost-effective water treatment solution
  • Reliable output water quality for drinking with minimal operator involvement
  • Chemical-free operation