Clearmake Waste Water Treatment and Recycling Solutions  installed a vehicle wash down water treatment system for the Randwick City Council in NSW.  


Randwick City Council required a low maintenance and effective system to treat wash down water used for cleaning garbage trucks, street sweepers, beach cleaners and other Council vehicles in Randwick, NSW.  

Due to the presence of varying contaminants (including high pathogen cell counts), the Council’s previous system had not been reliable in its treatment. Consequently, wash down water could not safely be discharged into the sewer system.  


A Clearmake Electropure wash down wastewater treatment system was installed for the Council. The treatment system manages volumes of up to 4,000L per day and costs less than $1 per 1,000L to operate.  

The solution is low maintenance as well as chemical-free and provides a more cost-effective option compared with traditional treatment technologies.  

Prior to the installation, Council had employed a full time operator to manage the wastewater treatment plant. Post the new installation, labour requirements were reduced to about one hour a week while the use of potable water decreased by 80%.  


  • Cost-effective solution with low capital and operational expenses
  • Reliable output water quality with minimal operator involvement
  • Chemical-free operation
  • Reduction in potable water consumption by 80%