Clearmake Waste Water Treatment and Recycling Solutions  installed a food processing wash down water treatment system for The Original Pretzel Company in Thornleigh, NSW.


The Original Pretzel Company required a compact system to clean the wash down water from its food processing equipment to a level suitable for compliant discharge into the sewer.  

Contaminants in the wash water included substantial quantities of grease, suspended solids and BODs.  


A Clearmake Electropure water treatment system was installed. The system manages volumes of up to 4,000L per day and is extremely effective in dealing with the large volumes of grease in the wash down water.  

The solution is compact, low maintenance as well as chemical-free and provides a more cost-effective option compared with more traditional treatment technologies.  


  • Cost-effective solution with low capital and operational expenses
  • Compact system with minimal floor space requirement
  • Reliable output water quality for discharge compliance despite massive quantities of grease
  • Minimal operator involvement
  • Chemical-free operation