Clearmake Waste Water Treatment and Recycling Solutions  has installed a river water treatment system for the National Parks and Wildlife Services at the Cattai National Park in NSW.  


The National Parks and Wildlife Services needed to replace an existing water filtration system at the Cattai National Park with a cost-effective, low maintenance and reliable system.  

Reliability was important as the filtration system was being used to treat local river water for drinking and showering applications by visitors to the park.  

It also needed to be highly effective as the park is located downstream from the Penrith and Windsor sewage treatment plants. The major contaminants for removal included soil, organics and colour.  


A Clearmake Electropure water treatment system was installed at the Park. The system manages volumes of up to 20,000L per day and costs less than 80c per 1,000L to operate.

The solution is low maintenance as well as chemical-free and provides a more cost-effective option compared with traditional treatment technologies. It is also considerably more compact, allowing for easy installation.


  • Cost-effective solution with low capital and operational expenses
  • Reliable output water quality for drinking or showering with minimal operator involvement
  • Chemical-free operation