21-27 October is National Water Week.

The initiative was introduced in 1993 to create a large scale awareness of the limitations of this precious resource, encouraging each of us to take action, to protect and conserve water while considering our supply options for the future.

Although we still have a long way to go, a change in attitude is evident with water conservation; recycling and reuse becoming ever more conventional within the residential, commercial and industrial markets.

A leading water industry organisation, the Australian Water Association (AWA) is responsible for the introduction of Water Week and says water recycling is one of the ways of the future and to be considered by all of us.

In the commercial and industrial markets, a Noosaville based business is operating. Clearmake is a waste water treatment, rainwater harvesting and water recycling business, now expanding operations into Asia with a current project at Hong Kong Airport.

Clearmake commenced operations on the Sunshine Coast in 1993 selling oil/water/solids separators. Today Clearmake still selling separators, as well as custom engineered specialty systems operated by numerous blue-chip organisations.

The business has grown rapidly, now employing 17 locals, with contractors and licensed distributors located throughout Australia and New Zealand.

All design and manufacturing is still centralised at Clearmake’s Noosaville facility, so the need to recruit talented new team members will be an ongoing focus for Clearmake.