Demand for water treatment and recycling solutions in the commercial and industrial sector is at an unprecedented high, and shows no sign of slowing.  To meet these growing demands industry experts, Clearmake , have invested significantly in improving business operations and introducing a broader range of skills and experience for product development, process design, manufacturing, field service and client care.   

Bill Mapleston has returned to the Clearmake team as a senior design engineer. Bill has a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) and a Bachelor of Economics, with broad experience in process design, costing and project management across a range of industries (including widespread water and wastewater treatment experience).  He brings to Clearmake extensive design knowledge of processes ranging from Raw Water Pre-treatment through to Membrane Filtration, Reverse Osmosis and Disinfection as well as the application of these processes to Water Reuse opportunities.  In recent years Bill has been involved in the Yatala Brewery Wastewater Treatment and Reuse plant and the Western Corridor - Advanced Waste Water Treatment and Recycle project.  

Clearmake has also recently welcomed Mark Milne to the sales and client care team, a mechanical engineer offering the ideal combination of technical aptitude and customer relations experience; Victor Symons, a qualified electrician with commercial and industrial experience, including the water industry; and Matthew White, a senior CAD technician with hydraulic design and development experience.   

The company has also expanded its product offering over the past 12 months and introduced new and improved technologies or applications to meet the growing needs of the industrial market.  This progressive approach has seen Clearmake on track to generate 35% revenue growth this financial year.  

Sales growth is forecast to continue at a similar rate and to enable the business to continue to meet the demands of the market; Clearmake remains diligent in its ongoing search for talented new team members.  

“We are very excited about recent improvements implemented in the business and have already benefited from the change.  Welcoming several highly talented team members and implementing more streamlined operational processes has created a more efficient and effective business, as well as a happier team,” says Clearmake Managing Director, David Lumb.