Clearmake Waste Water Treatment and Recycling Solutions  has added the most cost effective and efficient water treatment technology available to its already impressive offering.

The Clearmake Electropure water treatment process is chemical free and ideal for most traditionally difficult to treat waste waters. This truly superior, patented technology has already been applied to a range of water treatment projects.

Amcor was struggling with the wash down water from the cardboard manufacturing equipment at its Enmore plant in Sydney. The water contained substantial quantities of grease, glue and ink, which meant it had to be tankered offsite as liquid waste - an expensive solution.

A Clearmake Electropure water treatment system was installed, which treats volumes of up to 300 litres per day for sewer discharge, reducing wastewater disposal costs by more than 90%. The unit requires only approximately 15 minutes of maintenance per week and as such had paid for itself in around six months.

Randwick Council in Sydney used wash down water for cleaning garbage trucks, street sweepers, beach cleaners and other Council vehicles. Due to the high pathogen cell counts (faecal coliforms of 210,000 cells/100ml) in the waste water it could not safely be discharged to the sewer system.

A Clearmake Electropure wastewater treatment system manages up to 4kL a day, costs a little over $1 per kL to operate, and by enabling recycling has cut the use of potable water by 80%. An additional benefit is Council does not have the additional employment hassle and expense of a traditional wastewater treatment plant, reducing maintenance hours from 38 to approximately 1 hour per week.

And finally, the Yarraby Caravan Park in Echuca, Victoria installed 4 Clearmkae Electropure water treatment units in parallel to clean river water for drinking, cooking and bathing. Capacity can be adjusted to suit guest numbers simply by turning units on or off, and it costs less than 40c per kL to run.