Providers of safety barrier and security solutions, Barrier Group have a range of vehicle access control and parking products available, including suspended height bars used to warn oversize vehicles of areas with a restricted height.

Designed to eliminate damage to vehicles and property caused by oversize vehicles entering height restricted areas, suspended height bars from Barrier Group are available in 2m, 2m, 4m, 5m or 6m standard lengths and come with suspension chain and hanger assemblies.

These suspended height bars are powder coated in safety yellow and have reflective diagonal stripes to ensure high visibility even in the dark. The text on them reads “LOW CLEARANCE”, followed by the customers specified height in black letters on a white background. 

Typical applications for these suspended height bars include locations where vehicles are first required to enter an undercover area or they encounter an overhead obstruction, such as parking buildings.

It is recommended to install height bars where the clearance is 3m or less if only cars or light vans are admitted, and where the clearance is 4.6m or less in all other areas.

Barrier Group also have freestanding surface mount or below ground posts indicating height restrictions, for installation where there is no supporting structure.