Slo-motion standard duty and heavy duty steel speed humps from Barrier Group are ideal as a speed control system.

Key features of the speed humps include:

  • four times the load bearing contact area with the road surface
  • can be used with or without end caps
  • comes with all fixings
  • truly independent modules for easy removal
  • no rubber underlay required to prevent rattle
  • concealed fixings remain accessible
  • modules have built in bridge design to accommodate hoses or cables.
The standard duty speed humps are made from super strong steel modules made of 3mm thick floor plate and finished with a pair of end caps, either in durable rubber or steel.

They stand 52mm high, are 350mm wide and come in 1m or 0.5m lengths.

A pre-packaged sign kit is available for use with the speed hump, containing the necessary sign, brackets, and post, to complete the installation.

The standard duty speed humps are ideal for use in car parks, shopping centres, or factory complexes.

Slo-motion heavy duty steel speed humps are ideal for seriously heavy vehicle applications, including transport depots, factories and terminals. 

Heavy duty speed hump modules are made of 6mm thick floor plates and stand 55mm high.