Barrier Security Products  offers a wide range of safety management products. It offers convex safety mirrors that can be used for outdoor applications. These safety mirrors can be fully adjusted to any angle and it comes in four different sizes. The safety glasses from Barrier Security Products are weather-proof and can be ideally used for pedestrian traffic applications.

Barrier Security Products offers barrier meshes that are made of polyethylene, which are also scratch-resistant. These reusable barrier meshes from Barrier Security Products are durable and can be used for fencing in construction areas and sporting events.

Barrier Security Products offers light weight, polyester made reflective vests that are available in yellow and orange colours and these safety garments can be used both for day and night uses.

Modular wire shelving, another product from Barrier Security Products can be used in kitchens, storerooms, garages and homes. These height adjustable shelves from Barrier Security Products is available in many sizes and in order to ensure maximum protection, the shelves are made of epoxy powder coat and it also comes with a zinc plated finish.

The floor mats from Barrier Security Products have anti-slip and anti-fatigue features. It is used in commercial, domestic, industrial and agricultural applications.

Barrier Security Products offers plastic chains of various colours, that can be used in public access areas. Besides these, Barrier Security Products also offers many other safety measurement products such as bunting, rack-atak, barrier tapes and so on.