Barrier Security Products  designed and manufactured the Scorpion wheel clamp. This heavy duty wheel clamp is capable of fitting a wide range of wheels from large 4WD to small sedans.

It is perfect for protecting vehicles, trailers and caravans from theft. Steel jaws are clamped around the wheel using high tensile steel chain and Barrier Security Products’ tensioning system.

The Scorpion wheel clamp can be fitted to any wheel on the vehicle, fits steel or mag wheels and does not require the removal of wheel trims.

The Scorpion wheel clamp is fitted from the outside only. This makes it quick to fit and easy on the back. All parts pack neatly inside the wheel clamp for easy storage or transport.

Already in use by many of Australia’s most senior enforcement authorities for unpaid fines enforcement and anti hoon laws, the Scorpion wheel clamp is the perfect way to immobilise the widest range of vehicles.