One way access spikes from Barrier Group are designed to keep vehicles accessing areas from the wrong direction.

The Blade Runner BRS1000 and BRS500 consist of either a 1000mm or 500mm heavy duty steel module.

Each module has independently retracting teeth, which lock up risking almost certain tyre damage when approached from an unauthorised direction.

If a vehicle approaches from the correct direction the teeth simply retract, allowing the vehicle to pass freely.

One way access spikes are powder coated in a highly visible lime green finish and an ultra low profile construction to ensure adequate vehicle clearance.

The Blade Runner has been designed to provide a soft approach for vehicles due to its low ramp angle and reduced height. This also eliminates much of the noise commonly associate with older style products.

A long service life and low maintenance is ensured with the eight fixing points per metre, heavy steel construction, steel end caps and revolutionary new spring design.

Installation of the one way access spikes needs to be cleared with the local authority or controlling body, to ensure they are allowed in the application wanted.

One way access spikes must be installed with an awareness sign kit, which is designed to give advance warning of the presence of one way road spikes. It consists of one galvanised sign post 2.8m long, one warning sign, one no-entry sign, four sign post brackets and one post cap.

One way access spikes must be clear of intersections and curved roadways. Failure to meet these requirements will void all warranties.