North Geelong safety and security manufacturer Barrier Security Products has been nominated in three categories for the Manufacturers Monthly 2010 Endeavour Awards. The awards are being held in Sydney on the 12th of May 2010.

The Neata queue management system available from Barrier Security Products is a world first design in pedestrian queue control and is a finalist in Australian Consumer Trade Product of the Year, Australian Industrial Product of the Year and Australian Steel Innovation Award.

The Neata queue management system is a pedestrian control system similar to those seen at airports, cinemas, banks, nightclubs, warehouses and sporting stadiums, and unlike the typical post and base systems that have a heavy cumbersome base the Neata has a clever in ground sleeve and post coupling.

The coupling allows the post to be quickly removed or deployed by staff whist remaining tamper resistant to the general public. This is a major safety and liability consideration in light of recent events at Sydney airport and several nightclubs where freestanding queue control bollards have been used as weapons.

The bollards have a unique built-in compression feature so that if they are bumped they can tilt up to 10 degrees and absorb the impact. The bollards then return to their original position.
John Watts, Barriers Business Development Manager explained, “It is a fantastic achievement for us to be finalists in three categories for the “Neata” queue management system.

We have been fielding enquires from large airports overseas and will be demonstrating this product at the North American Material Handling and Logistics Show in Cleveland USA later this month, we are confident it is going to be a huge seller”