Bike rails from Barrier Group are very versatile and can be used as handrails, bike storage, pedestrian chicanes at crossing points, and impact protection barriers.

The bike rails are manufactured from 3mm wall steel pipe and are 48mm in diameter. They are hot dip galvanised as standard and are available in either surface mount or below ground models in square or round styles.

They stand 800mm high, with the below ground models, usually placed 300mm below, able to be set deeper into the concrete footings to achieve a lower profile if required.

All bike rail models are manufactured from a single piece of steel tube with base plates or concrete starter bars welded and then the entire unit is hot dip galvanised.

Bike rails come ready for installation and are ideal for use at schools, shopping centres, walkways or warehouses.

Two models of bike rail are available. The BR1 model is 850mm wide and the BR2 model is 400mm wide.

Powder coating and reflective options of the bike rails are available.