SuperLoc™ Composite Fibreglass Seawall Bulkhead Retaining wall system provides a solution for new or deteriorated waterfront structures subjected to the harsh marine environment. SuperLoc™ is a fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composite system, offering many product benefits, such as weather resistance, high strength, low maintenance required, long-term performance and dimensional stability. It is inexpensive to install and comes in various colours.

The unique interlocking ball-and-socket corrugated design of SuperLoc™ is ideal for many marine applications, such as beaches, canals, causeways, docks, harbours, lakes, rivers, residential developments, and retention ponds. The SuperLoc™ Seawall is attractive, ultraviolet and corrosion resistant and has a long term performance with a 50-year product warranty, and is readily available in multiple lengths.

SuperLoc is the only complete seawall system (including sheetpile, topcap, waler, tie rod/nuts) on the market, with the only complete composite seawall design manual on the market. It is also the only system of its kind that has had "independant university full section testing to failure". In fact, the newest sheetpile series 1610 is the strongest composite sheetpile in the world.

SuperLoc is available through Australia Pacific Seawall .