Australia Pacific Seawall  offers a comprehensive range of SuperLoc seawalls products where different series of same are available. The different series available are series 1540, series 1610, series 1550 and series 1560. Apart from this SuperCap, SuperWale, SuperRod, Light SuperWale and some SuperLoc accessories are also offered by Australia Pacific Seawall.

The products at Australia Pacific Seawall are manufactured though a pultrusion process where a liquid thermosetting resin bath extracts the strengthening material. However, if more strength and colour is required, it can be designed by making some changes in resin mixture and strengthening material. SuperLoc series 1540 products possess some certain features like these have a thickness of 0.125 inches, width of the sheet is 18 inches and depth is 4 inches. The necessary safety factors are also applied with these products.

SuperRod from Australia Pacific Seawall is also manufactured through pultrusion process. This comprises of e-glass support with a thermoset vinyl resin matrix. Some major benefits of this product are high flexibility and can be cut easily. SuperRod is a sturdy and light weight product. This is resistant to corrosion and ideal to be used in seawater. There are strong mechanical bonding characteristics between rod and interface because of SuperRod products and its solid rods possess a threaded surface four feet on all the ends of rod. To make the strength longer than before, stainless steel couplers are also available.