Australia Pacific Seawall  is into the construction of seawalls for past 27 years. Australia Pacific Seawall uses such construction material that gives strength to its products. Australia Pacific Seawall has got its sheet pile system registered as SuperLoc composite sheet pile system which comprises of topcap, waler, sheetpile and tierod or nuts.

The SuperLoc composite sheet pile system from Australia Pacific Seawall is widely available and supplied. Australia Pacific Seawall also takes care of its customers by way of providing installation and after installation services. The SuperLoc sheet pile system has unique ball and socket ridged design which is interlocking. This system is suitable for docks, beaches, causeways, canals, streams, retention ponds and many others. The Superloc seawall which is a bulkhead retaining wall is ultraviolet, rust-resistant and beautiful. This is sturdy wall and gives a long time performance.

Australia Pacific Seawall is a representative of Lee Composites which was established in 1989. Australia Pacific Seawall designs, manufactures, develops, markets and sells commercial composite and innovative marine products on behalf of Lee Composites. These products are manufactured by vacuum-forming extrusion, injection moulding process and pultrusion which is an ongoing manufacturing process of creating strong and resilient fibre reinforced polymer