The perfect solution for fibreglass seawall and bulkhead construction

SuperLoc™, a fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composite sheetpile, is manufactured by the pultrusion process and is designed and manufactured to provide lasting performance in highly corrosive environments.

Because of its high-strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance and resiliency, SuperLoc™ sheetpile is the choice material for fibreglass seawall construction and bulkhead construction. Each panel is lightweight with an interlocking design, minimising installation equipment and labour. Pultruded connector and top cap/waler complement SuperLoc™ sheetpile, permitting easy corner and wall tie back installation.

SuperLoc™ sheetpile will not corrode or decay like traditional materials such as wood, steel and aluminium, reducing maintenance costs and future replacements.

Environmentally safe, SuperLoc™ panels will not leach chemicals that are harmfull to the environment. For more information, contact Austraila Pacific Seawall .