Australia Pacific Seawall 's SupreLoc series 1560 products have a thickness of 0.20 inches; depth of the sheet is 6 inches whereas width is 18 inches. From wale force the web bucking has a safety factor of 2.5. Series 1610 products are also available with thickness of 0.30, width 24 inches and depth is 10 inches.

Australia Pacific Seawall’s SuperWale products possess a depth of 6 inches and the width of the section is 8 inches. The weight of SuperWale products is 9.70 ft. Wale splices and connectors are readily available in ASTM 240 stainless steel of black grade.

Light SuperWale products have a width of 4 inches whereas the depth of section is 4 inches. The weight of these a SuperWale product is 2.96 feet per and fundamental waler crush strength is 9900 lbs. The waler dimensions primarily govern the complete design. Some SuperLoc accessories are also available like SuperWale W-Splice which has the dimension of 12” length x 8.4” width and the working load capacity is 12,000 ounces.

SuperWale ASTM 240 stainless steel washers which are of black grade have a hole diameter of 1.125”. SuperWale W-corner connector have a dimension of 12” length x 8.4” width on both sides and weight 23 ounces. However, if required, some special angles can also be made available on specific requests.