ArmouTechWorks  offers Spray film for galvanised steel. Surface preparation method fully mechanically abraded, free, clean dry from any contamination which includes use of zinc salts before painting. ArmouTechWorks uses biodegradable detergent wash and PRITEC metal conditioner and degreaser.

ArmouTechWorks paint systems include primer 1 coat of Protec 426 ETCHPRO at nearly 20 microns DFT which adheres to excessive thickness of etch primers that results in adhesion failure. Paint systems like intumescent fire protection coating sprayFilm WB3 coats which depend on the application method and loading DFT.

Sprayfilm intumescent from ArmouTechWorks should be kept dry during application unless top sealed. Water formation on the surface will affect any intumescent coating finally resulting in need of reapplication of the coating systems.

In case of transportation, erection and storage it is imperative that in the event of damage immediate rectification is necessary. Maintenance service should comply with AS1851 parti 7 and BS8202-2 guidelines. Any damage like scuffing, impact and abrasion immediate rectification is essential.