ArmouTechWorks  specialises in passive fire protection solution for various applications. ArmouTechWorks offers Black steel type of passive fire protection solution. Black steel solution is a CAFCO spray film ideal surface preparation abrasive which blast clean adhering ISO 8501-1 Sa 2.5 or AS1627 standards and specifications.

ArmouTechWorks offers SprayFilm which is a part of intumescent coating system which should be applied only by qualified and experienced coating applicators. First a test area is completed by the applicator to ensure the acceptance level of the finish by the project and should be agreed by the parties.

ArmouTechWorks supplies SprayFilm which consists of DFT that is verified prior to the application of top seal. The air, dew point, steel, humidity levels should be QA recorded by the applicator well in advance, during and after each applications. The date of each material and number coats that are applied and batch numbers of all materials should be recorded. Dry film thickness is also recorded for each coat. All materials that are applied in accordance with the data sheet guidelines are maintained in minimum air temperature of 10 degree centigrade.