ArmourTechWorks  specialises in passive fire protection and protective coatings namely Intumescent paint. ArmourTechWorks has experienced applicators and advanced equipment to install its systems as conveniently and quick as possible for minimal disruption to construction.

ArmourTechWorks understands time constraints placed on builders and schedule its project to meet the appropriate needs.

ArmourTechWorks’ applicators are some of the well experienced in their field and will achieve high quality architectural finishes on their projects.

ArmourTechWorks’ projects are subject to rigorous testing during and after installation; the company also subject to auditing by an independent body Firas Australia.

ArmourTechWorks communicates and works with the customers and suppliers to ensure it chooses an intumescent paint system the needs of the clients. Amourtechworks’ systems are fully tested and it ensures compatibility with the products it uses.