The ‘sashless windows’ offered by Aneeta Windows are very popular among architects, home owners and interior designers as they deliver the look of fixed glass along with practicality of a window. The ‘sashless window’ provided by Aneeta Windows encompasses two panes of glass that overlaps when opening as well as closing. The ‘sashless windows’ of Aneeta Windows are simple and look sleek. The windows offered by Aneeta Windows are unique in their simple as well as patented regular two pane unit that is vertically counterbalanced with double hung window where the top as well as bottom pane moves concurrently.

The ‘sashless windows’ of Aneeta Windows offers adjustable room ventilation, multi positional locking in order to have high security. The ‘sashless windows’ provided by Aneeta Windows are modern alternative for traditional openable windows. The double hung sytem of ‘sashless window’ offers features that includes two moving panes of counterbalanced glass without the bulk of timber or aluminium sash frame that surrounds the glass. ‘Sashless window’ of Aneeta Windows provides perfect rotational ventilation as it can be opened from top as well as from the bottom.

The ‘sashless windows’ provided by Aneeta Windows are developed after testing it to 1000Pa wind and water penetration in both commercial and domestic appliances. Aneeta Windows has also combined Acoustic test results up to STC45. The standard sashless sliders are tested to a minimum of 300Pa rating. Customers have to specify sashless sliders with maximum glass overlap between 70 millimetres to 100 millimeter as well as a written 300Pa wind and water rating at the time of buying the product.