Aneeta Windows  presents a new line of 22mm double glazed horizontal sliding windows designed to provide optimal energy efficiency and thermal performance.  

The award-winning Aneeta 300-Series 22mm double glazed horizontal sliders from Aneeta Windows are the latest addition to the popular 300-Series horizontal slider family, joining their frameless 6mm and 10mm HS window options.  

The double glazed HS windows have been recognised as the 'most innovative window system 2010' by AWA (Australian Window Association).  

The Aneeta 300-DG double glazed horizontal sliding windows are available in 300-Series DG THERMAL (thermally broken) and 300-Series DG CLASSIC (non-thermally broken) insert frame options.    

Aneeta 300-Series DG THERMAL double glazed horizontal sliding windows

The thermally broken horizontal sliding windows help reduce energy losses by approximately 15%-20% compared to 'full' aluminium framed windows of similar size and glazing choice.  

The 22mm thick insulating glass units (IGUs) provide an excellent performing gap of 12-14mm between the single sheets of glass, ensuring optimal thermal performance and comfort.  

Advantages of the design include reduced heating and cooling costs, greenhouse emissions and condensation.  

Key features of Aneeta 300-Series double glazed horizontal sliding windows: 

  • Stylish slimline appearance, visually compatible with their vertical sliding windows
  • 50% ventilation when open, minimal air leakage when closed, making them suitable for air-conditioned buildings
  • Increased security since the window panes, once installed cannot be lifted out
  • Both window panes can slide past each other for cleaning purposes
  • Can be installed into compatible aluminium, timber, uPVC and steel perimeter frames
  • Available in a range of sizes from 300mm to 2150mm in height, and 450mm to 4500mm in width in multiple panel configurations
  • Rated to minimum 300pa Water Pass Rate
  • Suitable for commercial, hospitality and residential applications