The door inserts using sashless double hung windows offered by Aneeta Windows provides air ventilation as well as security solutions to specifiers, architects and home owners. The ‘sashless window’ is directly fitted into the door and provides security, partial locking system in order to provide ventilation. The fly screens are easily attachable in the ‘sashless window’ offered by Aneeta Windows. The retrofitting sashless windows can be fitted to the existing window frames. Aneeta Windows provides perfect alternative choice in terms of renovating older homes.

The retro fit or replacement services offered by Aneeta Windows involves removal of old slashes or fixed glass and updating them with the help of sashless inserts that are installed into the existing original frames with minimum modifications. The horizontal sliders of Aneeta Windows have been designed as well as developed keeping in mind the unique version of popular horizontal sashless sliding window. Aneeta Windows initially developed as well as designed display cabinet doors.

The specifiers and architects identified a market to use the system as operatable windows in homes. In the year 1990’s Aneeta Windows assisted New South Wales state government in the development of acoustic window products for SANIP project for houses located adjacent to Sydney International airport. Aneeta Windows has also undertaken projects of unusual as well as often challenging nature.