The product range offered by Aneeta Windows under the category of ‘sashless windows’ consists of two pane window, three pane window, four pane window, servery, double glazed, Acoustic, door inserts, horizontal sliders and specials. The two sashless double hung windows offered by Aneeta Windows has become one of the standard types of window that are specified in renovation and new commercial ad housing projects. The three sashless double hung window developed by Aneeta Windows satisfy the possible outlet requirements on multi story projects at the same time maintaining the floor to ceiling sashless look.

The four pane sashless double hung windows of Aneeta Windows provides solution for apartments projects in Pyrmont, Sydney. Winter gardens were created in order to replace traditional opened balconies that are extremely popular in Europe. The successful development as well as installation of the four pane system in terms of the project leads to system being adopted as well as implemented by specifiers and architects in various commercial applications.

The double glazed offered by Aneeta Windows provide excellent energy efficiency in single glazed sashless combination with the help of both tinted as well as low e glass. Double glazed provided by Aneeta Windows are very popular in cold climates as they are required to meet energy rating requirement. The servery provided by Aneeta Windows is similar to that of older style window where a single pane moves independently in relation to counterbalanced to weight.