All Lifts  is a specialist in offering lifts and lift products. All Lifts offers 150 varieties of service lifts, suitable for all applications. The product range under service lifts from All Lifts includes goods lift for storage warehouse, books lift for shops and libraries, goods and materials lifts for factories, special instruments lifts for clinics and hospitals and dumb waiters for bars, cafés, hotels, restaurants and private homes.

The service lift products are made of galvanizing steel sheets with guide shoes guiding both the sides of the lifts. All service lift products from All Lifts are made of aluminium with bi-parting doors and safety door pulleys. These service lifts from All Lifts also have a microprocessor controller and a plug in system which is pre assembled.

All Lifts also supplies service lifts with removable shelves and these shelves can be incremented to about 50mm. All the service lifts has also got a position indicator on every landing position. The control volt of the service lifts use 24 volts of electricity. In order to give counter balance, the lifts are provided with 50 × 50 steel insert and a steel frame. The service lifts also have an adjustable dispatch mechanism and in addition, All Lifts also offers stainless steel finish for lifts upon customer’s request.