All Lifts  is a company that specialises in offering lifts and lift products for clients. All Lifts mainly offers home and commercial lifts. The home and commercial lifts from All Lifts include multi-storey commercial lifts, private home lifts, disabled access lifts, stair lifts, wheel chair platform lifts, dumb waiters and service lifts.

All Lifts also supplies lift cars, lift ceilings, handrails and lift operation panels. The lifts from All Lifts are designed to meet the safety standards of Australia and these lifts also comply with Australia’s building code. All Lifts sources all its lift products from China, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Germany.

The stair lifts from All Lifts are available in a variety of models and have various optional features. The stair lifts can be customised to suit the client’s personal requirements. All Lifts also provides different types of service lifts suitable for a wide range of applications.

The products from All Lifts products are designed innovatively and are also affordable. All Lifts also offers after sales services and guidance to clients with maintenance enquiries, apart from the installation of the service lifts.