All Lifts  specialises in providing a comprehensive range of lifts that include home and commercial lifts, disabled access lifts as well as service lifts. Home and commercial lifts from All Lifts include private home lifts, multi-storey commercial lifts, stair lifts, wheelchair stair platform lifts as well as disabled access lifts. All Lifts also provides different types of lift accessories that include lift cars, lift operation panels, handrails and lift ceilings.

Lifts installed by All Lifts comply with Australian Standards. This company also offers maintenance services and repairs required for the lifts. These lifts are available at cost effective rates.

Stair lifts from All Lifts have been custom designed to suit the specific individual needs of the customer. These stair lifts are available in conjunction with several accessories. All Lifts also supplies wheelchair stair platform lifts that have been specifically designed for disabled people. Lifts provided by All Lifts are suitable for a diverse range of applications including dumb waiters for hotels, restaurants and private homes, grocery lifts designed for private homes, goods lifts for storage warehouses and special instruments lifts to be used in hospitals and clinics.