All Lifts  provide a range of electric lifts designed for silent and smooth performances for a range of different commercial and heavy-duty applications.

Electric lifts from All Lifts include:

Kinetek MRL Electric Lifts

These electric lifts provide an open architecture design making them innovative, robust and cost effective solutions. All MRL electric lifts are compliant with DDA, BCA and Australian Standards AS1735 and AS1735:12.

  • Efficient power saving solution
  • 630 kg (8 person) to 4000 kg (54 person) capacities
  • Can service up to 64 levels
  • Speed: 1.0m/sec to 1.75m/sec
  • No separate machine room required for operation
  • Minimal need for servicing and maintenance
  • Multi-beam door protections
  • Large variety of cabin finishes
Ultra 630 MRL Electric Lifts

These electric lifts are ideal for larger scale applications such as apartment buildings or commercial buildings that require superior quality stainless steel lifts and are compliant with BCA, DDA and Australian Standards AS1735, AS1736:12.
  • 630 kg (8 person) capacity
  • Car size: W1100 x D1400 mm
  • Shaft size: W1640 x D1755 mm
  • Smooth and quiet operation with AC gear-less machine and VVVF drive
  • Speed: 0.63m/sec or 1.0m/sec
  • Pit: 900 mm
  • Overhead: 3300 mm
  • Fully automated stainless steel centre or side opening doors
  • Optional self-supporting steel structure
  • 240 Volt single phase power or 3 phase power options
  • UPS battery-automated rescue
  • Wide variety of high quality finishes
  • Italian designed, engineered and manufactured
Ultra 630 MRL and Kinetek MRL electric lifts are ideal solutions for large-scale commercial elevator solutions.