Advanced Air Purification, now known as Air Clean Technologies offers a wide range of Promark housing designs to suit specific applications. The company supplies side access housings, deep beds, room air filters, to name a few. The RP series supplied by Air Clean Technologies are air purification systems that are designed to remove odorous and corrosive gas.

Deep bed scrubbers, another housing design product from Air Clean Technologies can be used in industrial plants. These are used for filtration of heavy duty gas and also can be configured to take air for recirculation scrubbing. Drum scrubbers have been designed to exhaust gases from fume hoods in laboratories. Air Clean Technologies supply Promark modules and panels that are available in honeycomb, metal and disposable styles.

The Promarks' vertical tub scrubbers, yet another housing design product offered by Air Clean technologies can be used to purify the air in commercial and industrial areas . These scrubbers are flexible and can hold high volumes of media.

Air Clean Technologies also supplies Promark filters that are designed to meet the industry standards. The carbon bonded disposables require no labour to empty or fill modules. These filters are available in both standard and custom made sizes.

PMA Retro, another filter supplied by Air Clean Technologies has been designed to fit/replace ridged or bag filters, thus providing containment control.