ProMark vertical tub scrubbers have been designed to purify air for wastewater, industrial and commercial applications, and are now stocked by Advanced Air Purification .

Suitable for applications where the point source contaminants can be captured and eliminated, these scrubbers are simple to use, offering flexible use while holding high volumes of media.

They deliver excellent airflow to media ratios, ensuring high residence times that result in complete gas removal, and long periods between media changeouts.

Vertical tub scrubbers can be used to:

  • scrub exhaust gases before venting to atmosphere
  • to scrub air from the outside that is being used to pressurise an enclosed space; or
  • as a recirculation scrubber.

Constructed from 316 stainless steel, they are available in a number of sizes to accommodate various air flows, with corrosion resistant fans supplied as standard.