Advanced Air Purification, now known as Air Clean Technologies is said to be one of the leading suppliers of air purification and air filtration devices. Air Clean Technologies caters to the needs of both commercial and domestic environments. It aims at providing its customers smart and cost-effective solutions and tailors is products according to specific needs of its customers.

Air Clean Technologies believes in delivering the best air purification solutions to its customers by making use of the most advanced air filtration technology.

The products from Air Clean Technologies are made with a mixture of activated carbon and special types of gases. The product line of Air Clean Technologies includes both central and portable air purification systems. The air purification and air filtration products from Air Clean Technologies can be ideally used in homes, factories and laboratories. It can also be used to clean workplaces, schools, hospitals and other such commercial areas.

The commercial air purifiers from Air Clean Technologies can be used by those who are allergic and these purifiers are suitable for both commercial and domestic applications. It comes with a durable finish and is non-toxic in nature. These commercial air purifiers are also portable as the filter can be removed within seconds to facilitate transportation.