Air Clean Technologies  formerly known as Advanced Air Purification offers Environ Air E300 air purifier which includes both residential and commercial air purifiers. These air purifiers are available in various sizes and in both free standing and ducted forms. This purifier also comes with a modular system design to facilitate extra dust or chemicals to be added as and when required.

The Environ Air E600 air purifier from Air Clean Technologies is designed such that it allows to target containments where ever required. It has been designed for continuous operation, it is also thermally protected and energy efficient. This air purifier supplied by Air Clean Technologies comes in a modular design and is made of stainless steel.

The Environ Air E400 air purifier supplied by Air Clean Technologies has a durable gauge based enamel finish and has been specifically designed to facilitate continuous operation.

Air Clean Technologies offer filtration media which can be used for chemical, odour and corrosive gas removal purposes. The ProGuard 200 removes odorous gases from air streams, which can be used for filtration purposes in offices, homes, laboratories and in air filtration systems in refrigerators.

Air Clean Technologies also supplies pelletised carbon which removes the gaseous components from air. The plain activated carbon can be used in machine shops, lounges, restaurants and other commercial areas.