Giant Inflatables  offer a range of compact, light weight and portable air inflated towers and pylons for elevated observation and imaging, equipment platforms, antennas and illumination for emergency services and site work.

These highly stable structures are conical and tube shaped when inflated. The units are inflated with low pressure fans. Sizes vary depending on the application and are made between 7m and 45m high.

Giant Inflatables’ air inflated towers and pylons are made from materials that have long service lives with little maintenance.

GIT’s (Giant Inflatable Towers) are compact enough to carry in a ute or 4x4 vehicle and can be inflated in minutes with no specialist training.

Suitable applications of air inflated towers and pylons include:

  • Military and associated industries, for observation, ranging, mapping and surveillance
  • Emergency service applications, for rescue illumination, guidance and water cooling towers
  • Communications industry, for Antenna positioning, line of site surveying, aerial elevation and microwave and equipment platforms
  • General industry for night-time illumination on site and site surveying