1300 Inflate  has added a new range of inflatable pipe plugs to their industrial pipe plugging products.
Designed for general plugging applications, the new product line meets the need for reliable, safe and trusted inflatable pipe plugs and inflatable pipe bungs in the mid-priced range. The new range of reinforced rubber plugs offers affordability and reliability to those operations that do not demand Kevlar reinforced strength.
1300 Inflate carries a range of multi-sized inflatable pipe plugs from 80mm to 1200mm diameter. The company’s multi size inflatable pipe plugs and inflatable lifting bags meet diverse requirements from plugging of a pipe and replacing a part downstream to simply plugging off a line for maintenance on the pipe or casting a concrete liner.
1300 Inflate’s partnership with ÇAĞ-TEK, a leading global supplier of trusted rubber industrial products has enabled them to meet the growing need for high quality inflatable multi-size plugs in everyday plugging operations.
The company has also tied up with Trelleborg, a world leader in inflatable Kevlar reinforced plugs to enable 1300 Inflate to supply a complete range of multi-size inflatable plugs. Their existing range of plug-up isolation plugs has been developed further to include spherical and tubular formats that allow for remote inflation.