1300 Inflate  presents a range of inflatable shade shelters from eZy Shelter designed to provide temporary shelter when working outdoors.
The shade shelters are cost-effective and inflatable working shelters ideal for space constrained factories that can complete some of their work outside the factory premises without worrying about the heat or the sun. The work can be done in the cool comfort of the shade shelter.
The inflatable shelters are also ideal for carrying out grinding or similar jobs without causing mess or dust within the workplace.
Key features of the shade shelters:
  • Inflates in 2 minutes
  • Can be used anywhere on any surface
  • Made from FR PVC materials
  • Wind rated to 50km/hr
  • Hardy abrasion resistant skin
  • Quick and safe to erect
  • Very compact when stowed
  • Low energy consumption for inflation fan
  • Stable in footprint
  • Side closure doubles as awning