Giant Inflatables  (1300INFLATE) adds a new line of inflatable isolation plugs to their Plug-Up range of inflatable pipe plugs.  

Inflatable pipe plugs are designed for low pressure pipe isolation and are now available in an innovative round shape.  

The new spherical isolation plugs in the Plug-Up range of inflatable pipe plugs complement all the other tried and tested shapes.  

Compact and flexible in design, these inflatable isolation plugs enable easy manoeuvring in restricted access applications.  

The spherical isolation plugs are especially useful in situations where pipes, voids or ducts need isolating but are difficult to access.  

Spherical pipe plugs do not need any special high-pressure equipment for inflation.  

A key advantage in the spherical isolation plug is that the unique shape allows for seating in pipes, ducts or voids that are not to size.  

Key applications of Plug-Up spherical inflatable isolation plugs

  • Closing off pipes to keep them clean during maintenance
  • Isolating openings from environmental contamination
  • Sealing pipes or ducts in plant and equipment during wash downs
  • Emergency plugging or isolation of drainage points and sumps from spills
  • Void forming for casting of sleeves or knuckles

Plug-Up isolation plugs are made to order with extremely quick delivery times and are available from 1300INFLATE (1300463528).