MEGAPLUG pipe plugs, available from Giant Inflatables , are used to temporarily seal off a pipe for pressure testing, repairs, purging, or blocking contaminates.

The MEGAPLUG is a Kevlar reinforced, multi-size, inflatable pipe plug that is chemical resistant, and used within a variable diameter large bore pipe range. This makes stocking the wide range of sizes required a simplified operation.

The MEGAPLUG multi-size, inflatable pipe plug is available with or without bypass ports. They are inserted into a pipe and inflated to form plugs that can withstand head pressures of 6-15psi.

Common applications of pipe plugs include:

  • Leak testing of new pipe lines
  • Leak detection by pressure of repairs to pipelines
  • Municipal testing of sewage pipelines
  • Stopping flow in a pipeline for maintenance or repair down stream
  • Pipeline acceptance testing, or to stop flow so infiltration of a section can be measured
  • Flood control to prevent rising oceans or river water from entering an outfall
  • Reducing the entry of toxic gases into the work area
  • Purging pipes of contaminate gasses for welding
  • Flooding pipe with shielding gas during welding repairs and co-joining