With growing population and scarcity of resources, Zeroflush Waterless Urinals has come up with their patented urinals which do not require flushing with water after every use. Zeroflush Waterless Urinals offers the following types of waterless urinals ZF101, ZF201 and ZF301.

The waterless urinals are made of vitreous china and have to be mounted on walls. Along with the waterless urinals some of the accessories that are provided include, mounting hardware, drain coupler, wall bracket, odour barrier liquid, cleaner sample, trap insert, an insert key and an instruction manual for installation and maintenance.

A barrier liquid kit for the functioning of the urinals is also included in the product portfolio of Zeroflush Waterless Urinals. This kit includes a daily, non abrasive spray cleaner that has to be sprayed on the urinal followed by wiping with a soft cloth or a paper towel. The spray is to be used for both the exterior and the interior of the urinals.

An odour barrier replacement kit including an insert and a puller key is also available. This odour barrier has to be poured in the trap after a layer of water. ¾ and 1” water line caps are also offered by Zeroflush Waterless Urinals.