Zeroflush Waterless Urinals  is an Australian company manufacturing urinals and rest room sanitation products. Zeroflush Waterless Urinals has developed a patented system for odour free, hygienic restrooms. These waterless urinals do not require flushing after every use. The waterless urinals thus do not promote the use of water to flush out urine.

Water being a limited resource, a patented system of trapping the urine using a trap with water and then adding an odour barrier on top is followed. Urine itself being 96% water, will start moving from the trap with on going use. The odour barrier meanwhile helps in maintaining sanitation.

The waterless urinals should be cleaned daily. No scrubbing or use of chemicals is required to clean these urinals. The debris ought to be removed from the urinal after which a non abrasive spray is to be used. This is followed by wiping the urinal with a soft cloth.

Maintenance of this system consists of replacing the odour barrier, draining the insert of the trap and giving a quick water rinse followed by cleaner rinse. On draining, the odour barrier automatically washes off after which the cleansing procedure is done. The frequency of this procedure depends on the usage.