ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals has developed a trapping system that restricts uric salts inside the housing, rather than allowing them to deposit inside the sewer drains. The efficiency of the new system has been recently proved.  

The McDonald’s restaurant in Nerang on the Gold Coast sees over six thousand customers enter its premises every day. As a water-saving initiative, they had replaced their water flushing urinals with a water-free brand. These urinals were installed for twelve months and caused a number of blockages in the sewer drains as a result of uric salt deposits.  

Whywait Plumbing on the Gold Coast were called back every six months to clear the drains using a high pressure water jetter. After recent cleaning, the urinals were removed and replaced with ZeroFlush Waterless Urinals, and a difference was noticed immediately.  

Periods between maintenance almost doubled and uric salt deposits in sewer mains were no longer an issue. After six months installation, Whywait Plumbing entered the shop to determine just how effective the ZeroFlush brand waterless urinals truly were.  

The adult urinal, which sees over two times the amount of use as the junior, was removed and photographs were taken of the drainage system. The results shown speak for themselves.