The Ringwood, Victoria- based Whittle Waxes offers a unique service for homeowners, designers and specifiers to help them match their new timber floor extensions to the existing floor during a renovation.

Whittle Waxes offers a selection of base colours, which are all intermixable and the most currently used in stained timber surfaces. Whittle Waxes can match and create colours unique to the individual client’s specific needs.

All the client needs to do is send in tangible samples of the timber proposed to be stained. The sample can be up to a metre in length; even multiple boards can be sent for trial and error samples of colour.

Along with the material sample, a tangible sample of the preferred colour should also be sent. Colour preferences cannot be sent on email or described on the phone since everyone has their own unique way of seeing colours.

The timber sample will need to be sanded to the level of grit the whole floor will be sanded to before application. If the floor is sanded differently to the sample, the floor can yield a different colour intensity.

The client also has to specify the timber species they will be using for their floor. Each stain gives a different result on different species of timber. Stains often have a better impact on lighter timbers than darker timbers.

Natural pigments from Whittle Waxes, mostly made of coloured clays, are reduced into a powder form and mixed with an oil base for easy application. When applied using recommended application techniques, no overlapping or applicator marks will be visible.

The colour fast natural pigments will enhance the grain of the wood and strengthen the colours, and can also be used to mask or accentuate the characteristics of the timber.