Whittle Waxes Floor Care is a mopping additive formulated to clean heavily soiled timber floors treated with Hardwax Oil.

The mopping additive is recommended for cleaning and maintaining wood floors and surfaces finished with Whittle Waxes Hardwax Oil without making the surface slippery. Whittle Waxes Floor Care is the ideal solution for cleaning waxed and oiled surfaces, flooring, panelling, ceiling linings, doors, furniture, countertops and laminates, as well as lacquered parquet and cork surfaces, leaving a thin replenishing, protective layer of wax on the surface.

Whittle Waxes Floor Care extends the durability and finish of Hardwax Oil treated surfaces.

Once the Hardwax Oil timber finish is completely dry and has reached its maximum strength, regular maintenance involves the use of a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust and loose dirt. The vacuum cleaner is a simpler and more efficient way to increase the longevity of the floor finish as it lifts the abrasive particles of sand that otherwise grind away at the surface.

Whittle Waxes Floor Care is advised for heavier soiling and can be used by diluting 25-50ml of solution to 5L of water. The solution can be strengthened for tough cleaning applications.

Manufactured in a base of biodegradable tensides and containing the natural wax of the carnauba palm, Whittle Waxes Floor Care has a neutral pH value and no solvents or dyes.